Online Reputation Management Changes Your Google Search Results

When your Google Search Results are not what you desire, our Online Reputation Management practice uses decades of experience to improve them in a way that will last.

Google Ranks are Not Always Fair

Google ranks websites according to a complex algorithm that upgrades the salacious, the gossipy and the negative over what really counts. For many people, negative search results can cost clients, employment, or worse. We can help.

Bespoke Reputation Management

We are not a reputation mill. We don’t build fake links. We combine real media coverage of your business or charitable work with deep technical knowledge of how Google assigns search rank to improve your online reputation.

Google Asks “What’s Interesting?”

Google results are based on what interests the most people for the longest time, on the sites that are considered most credible. Of course, how that manifests in Google search results is complex. Negative media stories or salacious gossip on major media websites often gets lots of traffic, and lots of interest. Thus, this content is highly ranked, often above more accurate and authoritative sources. Search engines do not determine accuracy of a link, just popularity. Remediating bad links starts with a strategy, and then rolls out through an execution plan.

Client Scott Baio

Elements of Online Reputation Management

The strategy behind your reputation plan will have three components: removal, remediation, and rehabilitation. These are the building blocks upon which an execution plan is built.

Removal is the process of looking for content that violates the terms of service of the platform where it is located. It may be libelous, it may be harassing, or it may be simply false. The first step in a reputation plan is to look for negative content we can simply remove from the Internet entirely on the website where it originates. We are expert and experienced in understanding what content is entirely removable and how to go about doing that.

Remediation is the next step, and the most time consuming. This is the process of balancing negative stories with more accurate ones, through a personal website, social media, op-eds, media placements, and establishing you as a subject matter expert. This will, over time, outweigh the rank of the negative article or articles.

Rehabilitation: In certain circumstances, negative articles will always persist in search results, usually because the story underlying it was widely reported in many large publications. When we can’t remove or remediate search results, we rehabilitate your public persona, by developing and placing content that tells a fuller, more accurate portrait of who you really are.

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