To Find Your Authentic Voice

In crisis, you need to speak with conviction and utter authenticity…

Crisis communications used to be about “spin.” No more. Effective strategic communications, inside and outside of crisis, starts with finding and using your authentic voice.

Word Salad Statements Don’t Work

We’ve all heard public statements in crisis that sound like they were written by a committee. Bland, boilerplate, inauthentic. They are meaningless, often while opposition is direct, heartfelt and engaging.

Looking for Clarity

In every matter, key facts emerge. These are the points that matter and will resonate with a audiences. Often, they are lost in a sea of minutiae and vagaries. We will help you find them fast, and tell them concisely and clearly.

Finding your Message

Finding your authentic message means writing for brevity and emphasis, and delivering quickly. It means making sure that we receive the right coverage, and our opposition’s inaccuracies are swiftly and decisively corrected. This is our daily stock-in-trade, and we will fearlessly and forthrightly represent your interests.

The Death of “Spin”

Our clients have a story to tell, and we tell these stories forthrightly, with conviction. We write and speak for authenticity, relatability, and credibility.

What we advise against is “spin,” which is knowingly providing an inaccurate or unreasonably biased interpretation of what has occurred. Some define it as propaganda, and frankly, it rarely succeeds.

In an information-driven world, most people have developed a keen sense of deceptive or inauthentic manipulations of events, and reject them. The repetitional damage this can cause is often worse and more persistent than the crisis that propagated it.

We will tell your story in full voice, but with credibility and honesty. As a result, you will often emerge from crisis stronger and more reputable than when you entered.

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