Total Crisis Strategy

When Crisis Strikes, the “Fog of War” can paralyze. We’ll get you moving.

Crisis is by nature unpredictable and unexpected. It is asymmetrical and often debilitating. Finding a Day One Strategy preserves your reputation while you focus on business.

Dealing with Adversarial Surprise

Crisis is often the result of surprise… unexpected adversaries, unanticipated brand problems, unknown liabilities. When they start, there is often a Fog of War that paralyzes senior management from action… often even from speaking. Meanwhile, your opposition has had time to plan and is controlling media, social media, and public opinion. It’s a bad place to be.

Crisis Communications is Our Business

We engage a wide variety of situations every week… and have for almost twenty years. We know how to build a crisis team, how to fact find, and how to prioritize for immediate results. We know who all your stakeholders are, and what they expect to hear. Most important, we know how to build public statements quickly that are authentic and compelling without creating future problems.

It Takes a Village

Whether it is building a crisis plan book or dealing with live crisis, you’ll need a team of inside and outside stakeholders to manage your needs, from outside counsel to internal comms and human resources. We know who and what has to be accomplished to take back the playing field.

Common Crisis Engagements

We are most often engaged to advise in areas related to:

  1. Civil and Criminal Litigation
  2. Negative Google Search Results
  3. Reputation Problems for Prominent People
  4. Digital Research/Forensics and Analysis
  5. Shareholder Activism and Short Sellers
  6. Social Media Problems
  7. Online Harassers/Stalkers
  8. Legislative or Regulatory Advocacy
  9. Data Breaches and the Release of PII
  10. Negative Business Events and Media Coverage
  11. Merger/Acquisition and Restructuring
  12. Boycott Defense and Remediation

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