Online Stalkers

We locate and remediate online stalkers and serial harassers

Online stalking and harassment is much more than an annoyance. Our forensic practice locates stalkers and serial harassers and ends their activities.

Stalking hurts

Don’t let anyone tell you to “just ignore” a stalker, especially when their actions become persistent. Even if they intend no “real life” fulfillment of their threats, stalkers are emotionally damaging and can bring real harm to you and your family. We stop them.

First Step: Identification

Our Digital Forensic practice has had great success identifying stalkers, whether from public sources or working in concert with private investigators and attorneys. Often, just making known the identity of a stalker is enough to end their harassment.

We Won’t Stop Until They Do

Working with your attorney and law enforcement, we can assist you in securing a restraining order, bringing litigation, and making a criminal complaint.

We help when stalkers cross the line. Sample situation.

Children & Cyber Bullying

We regularly advise parents on how to handle online bullying of their children. This is an emotional topic and an important one; about 40% of all kids in middle and high school report having been cyberbullies, and over 60% said it impacted their learning and ability to feel safe substantially.

The process of defining a path forward involves understanding if an underlying crime is being committed, working with law enforcement, schools, and legal counsel, and acting rationally to provide the support needed to end the bullying activities quickly and decisively.

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