Search Engine Optimization is the work of improving your organizational or personal Google rank

This complex process is vital to being discovered quickly when people are looking for you or your business.

The Importance of Search Rank

It’s pretty simple: 4 out of 5 people worldwide turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or service. Being at the top is the difference between being top of mind and out of the picture.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process of work both on your website, and across the internet, to persuade Google that your content is what people want most when they search for information about your kind of business. It is both science and art, where great writing is as important as how your website is built.

Our Secret Weapon

Our SEO practice is backed up by the full force of our Strategic Communications practice, to generate new stories for you online on important websites, and establish you as the preeminent subject matter authority in your field.

Google made 4,500+ algorithm changes just last year

Surprising Ranking Factors in SEO

Four times each year, Google changes the factors that drive search rank. Even proficient organizations have difficulty keeping up with all of these new directions and are penalized when they fall behind.

  • Website speed: If your site is not fast enough, it will be penalized by Google and customers. Every 1 second delay in page load decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent, page views by 11 percent and conversion rates by 7 percent.
  • Mobile optimization: Most browsing occurs on mobile devices. Your site must work as well on mobile as desktop.
  • Security: Google demand sites be delivered over secure connections for full rank.

We’re happy to perform a rapid analysis of your website for it’s optimization in search.

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