Boycott Defense

When your business is under boycotts attack, we can help you.

Boycotts usually target political change through pressure campaigns against businesses. They can be dissipated through careful intervention.

The Secret of Boycotts

Almost no boycott is effective in changing consumer behavior. The secret of boycotts is that fear of them can change the behavior of your business valuation chain: affiliates, retailers, vendors and employees. A successful mitigation strategy involves open communication with them rather than your opposition.

To Boycotts, Publicity is Oxygen

In ninety percent of brand boycotts, no matter what how outrageous the charge, responding publicly makes them better known. We answer them without giving them added life. And we know when a boycott is part of the other ten percent and act accordingly.

Education and Courage

Managing boycotts starts with teaching your stakeholders that the only way to be harmed is to obey the demands of boycotters. And it finishes by having the courage of your convictions. We can help you manage both.

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